Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paradigm shift

I was chatting with a friend recently and saying that I have so much respect now for stay-at-home moms because there really is a lot that goes into household management, and it doesn't really end at 5 pm like a professional job does (rather, 5 pm is just the start of the second shift - when the kids/husband come home!) but continues on through the night. There is always something more to do. I was talking about how "they" [stay-at-home moms] do it and was just going on and on about "them". At which point, my friend interrupted me and said, "You know, you are one right now." Which totally caught me off guard. I paused. I was thinking. Hm. I've been home since mid-December 2008 when I had to go on leave with my pregnancy. Haven't worked since (the one week in between maternity leave and being laid off doesn't count). Hm. I have been at home this whole time.

I suppose....that makes me....a stay-at-home mom...???

Wow. A total paradigm shift. I really wasn't expecting that one. You would think, after more than a year of this (hello 2010!), I would get it. Hey - I live it every day! And yet, I did not identify with that label. Never did I think that label would apply to me. Wow. This made me stop and think. Granted, I am looking for a job so being at home 24/7 should be temporary, but still, by now you would think I would get it. I even did a Mommy and Me session last summer!

Funny how an ingrained paradigm would be so....ingrained. As in, I always thought "other" people can be stay-at-home moms, not me. Wow. It's time to embrace who I am today.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's official!

I have officially formed my own business! Meckley Consulting, LLC is officially open for business! I received the paperwork today and it was exciting to read that the Secretary of State for Texas made it official, with the Secretary's letterhead and all. Now I have to figure out all of the taxes and related stuff, but this is very exciting. I have been helping a friend with his project and I have been networking and trying to drum up more business (no luck yet, but it takes time!), but I think this is a positive step!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AWOL again

I apologize for not being around lately. The end of the year brought winter break from preschool and a wonderful visit with my husband's sister and her family. We had an awesome three days together and my daughter was on top of the world with her cousins and aunt and uncle. Now I am focusing all of my energies on my synagogue's gala which takes place two Sundays from now (ack!) so any free time I have is devoted to this gala.

Will write more in a couple of weeks.