Sunday, June 12, 2011

Packing our bags and going to Israel...

Don't be jealous.

Ok - you can be a little jealous.

We're going to Israel this week for a 2-week vacation for a family member's bar mitzvah.  My whole family is going - so this is a massive 2-week vacation with my whole family.  My husband couldn't be more thrilled.  :=)

No really - we are psyched.  This is our first real vacation in....years....and we're going with the kids, plus we're going to ISRAEL!!!!!!  Really - is there a better place to go?!?!?

(ok - totally not counting Florence or Paris...)

Anyway, that's why there haven't been posts from me lately (been busy with work and such), and there won't be posts from me for the next two weeks (unless I surprise you AND myself).  But here's a question - I'd love to hear any suggestions you may have for fun "field trips" or activities to do with the kids...we won't be renting a car so activities have to be easy to get to, but so far I've only found activities that are open on Shabbat so that won't do, but if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kid to Kid: new-ish resale shop in town

Thanks to Tasti D-Lite now going kosher in all of its Houston locations, my husband took all of us to the Galleria location one evening for a frozen dessert* treat.  (Isn't that like out of a dream?  I came home from work and my husband declared that we're all going out for "ice cream".  The kids had a blast, and apparently the frozen concoction was their dinner.  A win/win/win for all.  :-))

**It's not ice cream, and it's not frozen yogurt.  It's a frozen dairy dessert.  Exactly what it is, I don't know.

Anyway - in the same shopping plaza is a store called Kid to Kid and we explored it on Sunday.

By explore, I mean I could have purchased the entire contents of the store if I didn't have a credit limit.

First of all, the store is kid-friendly so we took the kids and they had a great time playing while I was shopping.

Second, the store is clean and well-organized, so everything is easy to find.

The store carries everything - clothes, shoes, diapering supplies, baby gear, maternity wear, books, toys - the whole nine yards.  And it's top quality, gently used items.  I even found some brand new items with original tags on them!!  At a fraction of the original price!!

But here's the best part....just as we were leaving, my son announced that he, well, let's say that he needed a new diaper.  Being the super-organized parents that we are, we didn't have one.  We contemplated purchasing an unopened package of diapers they had for sale, when my husband turned around and spotted a vanity...with diapers...and wipes.  They were prepared for store customers to use - for free.  I got the diaper and wipes, the owner handed me a plastic bag for the dirty one, prepped the changing table in the bathroom for me (a beautiful bathroom, by the way), and this was all done with a smile.  The sink even had a stepstool for the little one to wash his hands.

If you're a parent, you know these little touches are meaningful.

So in sum, I recommend this place, and you can even bring your kids because they will be busy playing in the play area or reading books, and you will be happy with your purchases and pleased with the great customer service.  Happy shopping!