Saturday, March 7, 2009

Purim - letting it go

You would think that having been at home, not working, for the last almost 3 months, I would have thought of the most amazing Purim costumes and mishloach manot packages for this year, but you would be wrong. I have not thought of anything and I can't seem to make my brain cells work any more on this topic. I feel like they need to save the thinking for Pesach and impending new baby arrival, and cannot be spent on Purim planning. First I thought we'd do a theme for the mishloach manot, but then I couldn't come up with food items that fit the theme, and then I just had no clue. And I definitely can't come up with a costume (except for maybe the daughter's costume - I think she has one...) for me or the husband. It's pathetic!

So that's it. I have come to the conclusion, and am actually relieved, to have a low-key Purim this won't be memorable, it won't be show-stopping, it will be a lovely holiday on our way to Pesach. That's it. I've made peace with this.

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  1. There is no reason that Purim has to be super-memorable or show-stopping. As long as you get to enjoy the megillah and be with your family, I'm not sure I see what the issue even might be. I say, low-key is good, because it's hard enough to recover from a chag, no need to make it so over-the-top that it exhausts you and stresses you out.

    Hope you had a happy (and low-key!) Purim!