Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pesach Insanity


Unfortunately, Pesach is not one of my favorite holidays just yet. Maybe it will be one day, but I'm not there yet. All the cleaning and worrying over kosher l'Pesach utensils and dishes and food makes me nuts and I feel like it makes people forget the true meaning of the holiday (wow that sounds so Christmas-y). But, there is no getting around it - it is what it is.

At the moment, I am eating straight from a pint of ice cream. Good ol' strawberry ice cream.

So far I have kashered my Pesach silverware (to go to the mikvah tomorrow), got both cars cleaned, had the house cleaned, cleaned the fridge, run both ovens through the self-cleaning cycle, and cleaned the stovetop (to make the cleaning much simpler tomorrow when I actually go to kasher it). I (really my husband) have made room in the pantry for all of the non-Pesach items I need to remove from the counter. Not bad, eh?

Tomorrow, we are going to toivel and kasher everything else - counters, sinks, stovetop. It's actually not as much as it sounds; we have granite countertops and the stove is clean - just need to do a final wipe down and do the kashering thing. And the sinks are stainless steel (nothing like renovating a kitchen with Pesach in mind).

I still have last minute shopping to do, errands to run, phone calls to make - all that fun stuff. I never do seem to get around spiritually preparing for the holiday until I have downtime during the holiday itself (although now with a kid, I don't know how much downtime I actually will have).

Off to bed...it's late...

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