Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's for dinner?

What a great question! I have officially run out of ideas. I need ideas other than pizza, hot dogs + baked beans, mac + cheese, and leftovers. Please comment! We are flexitarians so meat/chicken is not a necessity for us during the week. Help!


  1. Veggie lasagna, pasta with meatballs/sauce, pasta primavera, fajitas, kabobs, grilled salmon, pan seared fish, loaded baked potatoes (broccoli, cheese, scallions, etc), omlettes, BBQ or teriyaki chicken sandwiches, tacos (can use immitation tofu meat so you can make it dairy), waffles or french toast with fruit (we like breakfast for dinner sometimes), make your own pizzas (we buy ready made dough though you could make your own and we make it an activity with the boys letting them help us roll it out and spread sauce, sprinkle cheese, and other veggie toppings), aisan stirfried veggies with rice (can add chicken if you want)

    Oh, we just tried this recipe from foodnetwork (seared trout over succotash). We substitued fresh green beans for frozen lima beans cause I don't like them. We used extra sweet canned corn, fresh instead of frozen bell pepper, and the veggie stock (not chicken stock). And we used talapia instead of trout because it looked better at the market that day. It was easy and tasty.

    I totally get the dinners get monotonous issue! Hope this helps! -Y.L.

  2. Although this site is not updated all that often, there are a ton of recipes in the archives, and many of them are pretty easy to make:

    And if you have an ingredient in the house that should be used soon, just enter it in a search engine or on any food site (like, epicurious, etc.) and it will come back with tons of recipes for that ingredient. Trying to use up sun-dried tomatoes? want to make an edamame salad? sick of roasting butternut squash? new recipes can inspire you to cook with the same old ingredients in a different way.