Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shabbat theme night: Fruit

I find theme nights for Shabbat dinner (or lunch) to be helpful because the theme helps to focus the menu and we haven't done theme night in a very long time so I wanted to bring back theme night to our house this week. I couldn't decide on a theme for this week and my husband suggested fruit so this was our menu:
purple cabbage salad (from Kosher by Design)
beet + apple salad
cranberry chicken
jeweled rice with dried fruit (from
lime cilantro sweet potatoes (from
sugar snap peas with a garlic dressing and mangoes (from Kosher by Design)
fruit for dessert, of course

It was a very colorful table with all of the colors of the food. Quite beautiful. And very very tasty!


  1. Wow. Kol Hakavod on the effort!! We sometimes do stir fry + rice for dinner, which I guess could be expanded into more of a chinese theme if you wanted. I wouldn't have thought of fruit, though. Very adventerous. - Sharon W.

  2. sounds delish! Wish I could have partaken. I'll definitely have to keep that menu in mind...