Monday, June 7, 2010

Jam I am

Yes, what you are looking at right now are the fruits of our labors to date (see, I'm not counting children here). Let me explain this image to you:
The top jar with the RED STUFF is homemade strawberry jam.
The bottom 3 jars with the BLACK STUFF is homemade blackberry jam.
Let me repeat for you: HOME. MADE. JAM.
And to answer your question - no, it doesn't get much better than this.
We went strawberry picking back in May and made jam, and we thought that it was good. But then we went blackberry picking last Sunday, and we made jam, and man oh man, that stuff is good. Not to mention our jam-making technique improved so we think the quality of the jam improved. We consider the blackberry jam to be liquid g-o-l-d. Yes, it's that good.
Sometimes we share it with the kids.
Next up is blueberry picking, and I'm sure we'll make jam again.
Oh my gosh, don't you wish you lived near me now so you could try some of it...

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