Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kitchen kapers

I've been having fun in the kitchen lately.

Two Sundays ago I was with my niece and nephews and for dinner we made homemade corn dogs.  The ingredients were everything we had on hand and the recipe came together easily.  The kids had a great time dunking the hot do-on-a stick into the batter and at first I was doubtful it would have any flavor, but it ended up to be extremely tasty and a crowd pleaser.  The 3 year olds happily ate theirs (I suppose anything on a stick is exciting!) and the 12 year olds literally gobbled up theirs, and made more.

Will definitely make again.  Poor husband didn't get any!

This past Sunday my husband and I were productive in the morning which gave us some "free time" in the afternoon where we could do something enjoyable that is not home improvement-related.  My husband had a super idea of making soft pretzels with our bread machine, so we called our niece and nephews to join in.  Everyone had a BLAST making the pretzels (it was quite a production) and every last pretzel was eaten (I got maybe half of one). 

We made two kinds: cinnamon sugar (the darker one) and salted (will use coarser salt than kosher salt next time).  Again - totally repeatable item.

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