Monday, June 15, 2009

Digital tv non-conversion

Well, June 12 came so fast that I had no idea what hit me. While the US Congress deemed it "the day television as we know it will cease to exist", I was busy making our Shabbat meals and juggling the two babes, amongst other things. Apparently, June 12 was THE DAY all television channels would be converted to digital, and if you didn't upgrade to digital, well partner, you're just SOL. At least, that's what they make you think...

We sent in for and received the digital converter box coupons, so we have them, but haven't utilized them yet (um, I think we had other things to do with our time than upgrade our tv), and if you read my earlier post here, you would know that we were ambivalent about upgrading our tv anyway.

Well, the decision was made for us. We literally did not discuss the issue of the digital tv conversion until after the fact, once we realized the importance of June 12. And since this is so low on the priority list, who knows if we'll ever get to it.

Until then, we will somehow have to manage to survive watching tv on our computer. We'll somehow manage....somehow...manage...

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