Monday, June 29, 2009

Me and the kiddos....again

Another caregiver has left us, which leaves me and the kids to fend for ourselves...again.

I'm really not a bad employer, am I? No, I know - it's really not me. Unfortunately, it's been a combination of things but basically the ladies who have been with me so far have been great nannies but for one reason or another need to work elsewhere because of their own circumstances. If I would have had my druthers, I would have kept them all.

The upshot is that I get to spend more time with my kids, and we save money on childcare. The downside is that we still need to find a nanny for when I return to work full time (and trust me, we've interviewed lots) and I would like to prepare for returning to work which would require having someone else feed the baby. The good news is that we do have several options so I'm not totally left high and dry, but still, this kind of thing unnerves me.

Today we took a walk outside, then to the Children's Museum, then lunch with Babushka (Russian for grandmother), then nap, then I picked up my nephew from camp and brought him to his house where we stayed and played and had dinner. So it was a very busy day for us! I also managed to bake bread (love my bread machine - that's another post), did a load of laundry, washed dishes, and prepared lunch. I even got a great (free!) parking spot at the Children's Museum. All in all, a great day.....

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  1. Can you explain to me what "druthers" is? I feel like I've heard that several times lately, and strangely all in a maternal/baby/birthing setting, although I don't think that it is specifically child related.
    Anyway, glad you're hanging in there without the nanny, at least during week 1. I don't even want to think about child care yet, it totally scares me. Hopefully we'll get the world's most perfect baby and I can work from home part-time without having to find a nanny/babysitter/coop as child care for a while and by the time we do, maybe somehow the process and the pricetag will seem less scary. Probably not, but a girl can always hope, right?