Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A tip: the micro-clean

You're probably wondering what the heck a "micro-clean" is. It has nothing to do with a microwave. It's my new method to cleaning happiness!

I like to keep my house clean (as opposed to the person who doesn't?) and I like to set goals like, "Today I will clean the bathrooms" or something like that. However, what I've noticed is that I will get all motivated, pull out the cleaning supplies bucket, and be halfway through a project when a child will wake up from a nap or there will be some other distraction that makes me stop. Then I get all frustrated that I didn't finish and then it's just a downward spiral.

One day as I whipped out the cleaning bucket to clean some jolly area of the house, I told myself that it would be great if I cleaned just this one shelf. And when that was done, I told myself that it would be great if I cleaned just the next shelf. And so on. And eventually a child did wake up from a nap, but instead of feeling irritated that I couldn't finish another cleaning task, I actually felt great! Because I accomplished those little goals that I set for myself! And it wasn't a one-time feel-good moment. I tried this method when I mopped the floor. Usually, I want to "mop the floor" which includes the entire kitchen/living room/dining room/front entry way floor. This time, I told myself it would be great if I did the living room. Children still asleep. It would be great if I did the entry way. Children still asleep. And so on. I didn't get to reach the kitchen, but no matter - I did what I set out to do with the micro-cleans! And I felt great!

So that's my tip. You may actually have the time to accomplish the micro-clean instead of a big, comprehensive clean. Each accomplishment makes you motivated to complete the next task - if time permits - but if time runs out, no worries! You completed your goal!

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