Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An evening with Joel Chasnoff

My husband and I just wrapped up a funny evening with comedian Joel Chasnoff. He's a friend of ours (long story) and he recently wrote a book about his experience in a combat unit in the Israeli army. He was in San Antonio yesterday (or maybe even today) and had some free time so we offered to put together an event for him to promote his book.

My husband found a nice hip coffee shop that gave us space (for free!) (in their driveway!) (outside!) and about 20 people showed up. It was a nice crowd! It actually ended up being a reunion of Washington University in St. Louis people (my alma mater), NASA employees, all of our friends - all in one crowd!

The book reading was quite nice and there were lots of questions afterwards, and a lot of shmoozing. We came home late for our curfew.

Find Joel's comedy clips on YouTube, and I encourage you to buy his book! It is laugh-out-loud funny and a different take on the Israeli army than you expect.

And the best part? We came home and my mom (who was with the kids) announced that our daughter PEED in her potty - not once, but THREE TIMES tonight. Which is nothing short of amazing because to date, she has yet to do it ONCE, but tonight she did it THREE TIMES. I cannot wait to stop buying diapers.

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