Thursday, April 7, 2011

I haven't started preparing for Pesach

There.  I said it.  I haven't started doing anything for the holiday.

Oh sure - I bought the grape juice on sale.  And we bought some tea that seems to fly off the shelves.  And we committed to a few meals out (woo-hoo!).  But other than that?  Nothing.  Nada.

This - despite that I receive emails daily from various Jewish cooking/mom-related sites with this or that Pesach checklist/prep tip.  Despite that I have my own Pesach binder with recipes from previous years, lists, and fun stuff so I don't have to keep re-inventing the wheel.

Why on this green earth have I not even uttered the word in my house?  First - I'm tired.  I had two large events take place last week that I planned, and I'm just tired of planning.  Second - I'm busy at work.  So unfortunately, Pesach hasn't yet appeared on my radar screen.

The other, possibly subconscious, reason why I haven't yet broached the topic is because I want to go back to basics: I want to re-emphasize the holiday itself, and not go nuts with the meals and the cleaning.  It's time to get back to basics and remember what the holiday is about, which is something I only think about when I sit down to seder, not before.

So here are my thoughts:
  • Go through my recipe file and pick out the recipes that are Pesach-friendly.  Salads, chicken, veggie dishes - there's so much out there.  Now's the time to read the recipes again with fresh eyes.
  • Go through the Pesach grocery aisles and really consider what I need (which means, don't go shopping with the kids!).  Buy the staples, not the latest and greatest.
  • Buy a food processor.  Last year I determined that this is something I need, so I want to invest in a good one that will last me for years.
  • I don't bake from scratch during Pesach.  I make fruit salad for dessert, or I splurge and buy the cake-in-a-box.  Pricey...yes, but it really saves me the headache and I allow for it since I don't buy lots of other stuff.
  • I love love love this post.  People - this is what it's about.  Back to basics.
  • Remember that - no matter what - make it fun for the kids.  A stressed out mommy is not fun.  A tired mommy is not fun.  So - be flexible and keep it simple.
 My indulgence every year?  The muffins-in-a-box.  Don't ask me why.  There's a little piece of heaven with some cream cheese on a muffin, I'm sure of it.

What are your favorite Pesach strategies?


  1. My Pesach preparation: get on plane. Survive flight with toddler and morning sickness that just won't go away. Collapse at in-laws house. Show up when it's time to eat.
    Milking the pregnant lady's peragative? Definitely. But assuming I survive the flight, I will likely be able to focus on the Seder, meal, family time and traditions, since I've opted out of the planning, cooking and cleaning. Sometimes flying 2,000 miles is easier that hosting yourself :) I know not everyone has that luxury. Someday I'll be eager to host (tried it last year). 2011 is not one of those years.

    No matter how little or much preparation, getting back to basics and focusing on family sounds like a great recipe for a good Pesach!

  2. I am in the same boat with you and agree about getting back to the basics. I can't stand seeing people over-buying for Pesach and kashering their homes 2 weeks before the holiday begins. It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. There is nothing wrong with chicken, vegetables and fruit for dessert!
    keep up the great work!!