Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pesach granola - YUM-O

For the last couple of years, I start to get panicky about Pesach breakfasts for my kids, thinking that without cereal in the morning they will surely starve.  I turn to my friends for assistance and send out an email starting an email chain that's all about Pesach breakfasts.  I've received several helpful responses!  Here is a short list:
  • matza brei - the truly original Pesach breakfast - can be customized!
  • muffins
  • cream cheese OR whitefish salad OR butter & jam OR just jam + matza
  • cottage cheese latkes
  • eggs (I wish the rest of my family loved eggs as much as I do...)
Last year a friend of mine sent me a recipe for matza farfel granola, and since I wasn't able to find that email, I found another granola recipe online that is a winner for me.  My cereal-loving child eats it up, and I find it filling too.


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