Sunday, May 8, 2011

Adventures in the Kitchen: Homemade Fruit Leather

Under the heading "Why Not?", I present to you homemade fruit leather:

Strawberry fruit leather
What you see there is strawberry fruit leather, using mashed strawberries that we had previously frozen since we had a large amount of strawberries left over from when we last made strawberry jam (a couple of months ago) (thank you dear friends who brought us the hand-picked strawberries), so this came together very quickly.  We followed this blog post.  Who knew we had a dehydration setting in our oven?!!?!  But please note - you don't need a food dehydrator for this - just set it in the oven overnight on the lowest setting for the fruit to dry out!!
Needless to say, the kids loved it.  Tonight my husband made a second batch.  Awe-some.  I recommend you try it!

What is your favorite fruit leather flavor?

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  1. Catching up on old posts. I am so excited to try this - thank you for sharing! I've always wondered about this. Maybe we'll visit a pick-your-own place sometime in June and have some fun experimenting!