Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 3 of full-on motherhood

Yesterday was a really nice day and rather calm. It was also a no-spend day so yay on the money front! Today was busy....this morning we took a walk to the JCC to see the fish in the pond (is it sad that I can now tell the difference between 99 degrees and 105 degrees? I actually noticed that it was cooler) and then we chilled at home, then drove to my husband's office to drop off his lunch and took a field trip to TJ Maxx (where some spending occured), then home for lunch and a nap. Lunch happened; a nap did not. We were able to make it to story time at the Bellaire Nature Center which was great and then we explored the nature rooms upstairs. What a fantastic place and it's FREE!!! Really, a gem in the city. Then home for some chill-out time and then to my sister's house for dinner and playing with the cousins!

It was a busy day and the kids were pooped so they both crashed...

Need to figure out what's on tap for tomorrow.

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