Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Round-up

Ok, last week ended well, especially since Dad had the day off on Friday. I don't even remember what we did on Thursday.

This week I am sending the little girl to a home-based camp for the morning (through lunch); she's not 100% happy with the idea, but it's good for her. She has gotten used to being home with me and she wants things to stay that way, but she needs to get used to a different environment for when she goes to nursery school. She can't cry the whole day!

The little boy is doing really well. He's growing LOTS and is smiling and laughing now.

This is my new favorite salad. I replace the crab with canned salmon and I add avocado.

I am on a roll with tasty homemade challah! On Friday I got creative and made challah "muffins":
I made challah knots and stuck them in a muffin tin. Voila - uniform challah rolls! They are a bit dense, but not bad! Very very portable!

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