Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer plans

At the start of this summer, I was determined to do "summer activities" this year, as opposed to previous years where summer came and went and I didn't do anything specific to the season. I don't have a detailed list but have a general idea of what counts as a "summer activity". Examples include:
1. A vacation - done! We went to Austin and had a great time.
2. An outdoor concert.
3. A picnic.
4. A trip to the beach.
5. BBQing and eating outside.
6. Eating lots of ice cream - done! Maybe too frequently!
7. Eating lots of watermelon - done!

Those are all I can think of right now. We have a bonus activity - we went to a local wild animal park! We were supposed to go blueberry picking one day with my sister and her family, but since all of the farms were out of blueberries that weekend (good thing she called before we headed out!) we changed course and went to a local wild animal park! The kind of place where the animals walk up to your car and stick their noses in your face. We went on this long tram ride and got very up close and personal with some animals (large, sweaty animals) who were very interested in the animal food my nephew and niece had. It was fun! Definitely a summer activity.

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