Monday, October 12, 2009

A milestone today

I feel like lately there have been lots of BIG THINGS going on in our family life. I had a baby, returned to work from maternity leave, got laid off a week later, sprained my ankle a week later (my first injury!), Rosh Hashana started a week later, and now today. Today marks a new chapter in our life, for today is the day that our daughter started preschool.

That's it. No more full days at home with the nanny or with mommy until holidays, school vacation, or, Gd forbid, an illness.

My daughter is attending the Jewish Montessori school every day in the morning. My nephew is also attending and they are in the same class. I *heart* the Montessori method. So, I was very excited for her to start school.

In fact, I was so excited that I was slightly un-prepared lunch-wise. I had to improvise and grab my husband's old lunch sack (black) and make up a lunch from whatever is in the house (dairy/parve only). I intend on getting her a proper lunchbox VERY soon. Although - my daughter was VERY proud of her lunchsack.

Me? I was anxious about this. My baby is going to school! From now on, time will FLY along with the school schedule. Before I know it, she'll be coming home with arts and crafts, telling me stories (in a language I can understand), participating in school plays, going to first grade, going to high school, getting married - ACK! I can't deal. As we were walking in, the head of school was outside and asked, "Are you ready for school?" I have no idea if she was talking to me or to my daughter, who was holding my hand (can she hold my hand forever?), but I shook my head no because I couldn't speak because if I would open my mouth, I would have cried since my eyes welled up with tears.

When I picked her up from school, she was happy as a (kosher) clam. I think I can do this.

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