Friday, October 30, 2009

The school parking lot

Having picked up and dropped off my daughter at school for 3 weeks now, I have made what I think is a significant anthropological observation.

Station wagons are so 20th century; these days, it's either the minivan or the SUV (or CUV, but to me they are the same).

See, I drive a late-model Volvo wagon and I love it. I had always viewed the station wagon as a typical family car. Apparently, my views are outdated.

These days, it's either minivans or SUVs. Even the nannies drive one or the other. Seldom is there a sedan, but if there is one, it either belongs to A) Dad or B) grandparent. I have not yet seen a wagon to date. Not a single one. Other than my own.

When did it go out of style? Some of the SUVs that roll into the parking lot are large enough to cross the Sea of Reeds before Moses split the water. Do you have to have a special license to drive those "tanks"? Does one really have that much more stuff they need to tow?

I am proud of my wagon. It's safe, it does its job, it has enough room for my family, and I think it looks good. Go wagon go!

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