Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun Stories: The Accident with the Tree Branch

Before we lived in Houston, when we lived on the East Coast, we used to park our car in the lot in front of our building. The city had planted trees along the sidewalk, and the trees would shade our car when it was sunny. One day, the city decided to cut down the trees (they were lovely trees, and the reason for cutting them down escapes me - my husband now reminds me that the reason was because the trees produced berries that stained cars), and had warned the residents of certain spaces to move their cars that were parked near the trees for safety purposes. Afterwards, the city would begin to cut down the trees. We weren't warned because our parking space wasn't an affected space.

Later that day we discovered a giant dent in the roof of our car...where a tree branch had fallen. So, it turns out that our parking space was an affected space. Too bad the city didn't warn us. We didn't ask the city to repair the damage - wasn't worth it, since no one looks at the roof of a car.

The reason why I remember this story is because tonight I watched an Allstate commercial where a tree branch falls on top of a car. In a twisted way, it always makes me laugh.

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