Monday, January 19, 2009

Walgreens is my friend

I have discovered Walgreens.

I used to think that Walgreens had very limited uses:
1. pharmacy
2. photo services
3. extensive makeup and health and beauty aids

Those who pushed a cart around Walgreens - who were browsing and shopping - obviously, those were people who were, shall we say, getting on in years. With nothing else to do.

Well, these economic times have opened my eyes to see Walgreen's inner beauty, its quiet strength. For it not only carries an abundance of health and beauty aids, but also a little bit of everything to make your life a little bit easier. And you know what, my life does become easier because Walgreens is closer to me than other stores, so why drive all the way to Office Depot to buy a ruler?

But not only that...

I now review the Walgreens insert in the Sunday paper - I clip out Walgreens coupons! Today, I used a cart while I was browsing through Walgreens (although I did have a list of items I needed to get as well). It was my first time, so I wanted to carefully go through each aisle, get to know my new friend. I even carried a Walgreens coupon with me (hey, a penny saved here is a penny to be spent somewhere else...).

And - the best part about it all is that Walgreens carries products made in Israel!! The Yes to Carrots beauty brand is manufactured in Israel! (and Yes to Tomatoes and Yes to Cucumbers.) So, I encourage you all to go out to your neighborhood Walgreens and support this store and brand and support Israel!

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  1. and sometimes you will get an email from walgreens "spend 20 get 5 off" we always get our formula then....especially when we have coupons!