Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekly round-up - Jan. 30

Well, another Shabbat is upon us here in the Wild West of Houston. It's beautiful outside but of course I am not spending enough time outside. Most of my Shabbat dinner and lunch are made...just a couple more things to obtain from the grocery store (also known as the black hole for money), and a quick trip to the library to pick up some great reading material (I requested a biography of Maria Montessori and Wally Lamb's latest novel).

Yesterday we went to a trial class at My Little Gym. At first, my daughter was scared of all the music and new equipment around her that she's never seen before (balance beam, uneven/parallel bars, mats, etc), but she quickly warmed up. There were a few group activities, some free time, and a couple of focused activities to work on specific skills. It was neat - she fell in love with a couple of pieces of equipment. She watched in amazement as the instructor blew bubbles, and she enjoyed playing with the bouncy balls the instructor threw out. There were lots of other cute kids there, and I think she enjoyed the social interaction.

Um, I am now sore after that exercise experience. Is it bad that I am sore from a movement class for a 15-month old?

This morning she smashed banana into our bedsheets (thank you dear husband for the idea of bringing her a giant piece of banana at 6 am in the hopes of gainng a few more minutes of sleep). That's a non-repeatable experience.

Can't believe it's already the end of January. Yay February!

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