Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Tu B'Shevat everyone!

Happy birthday to the trees!

Houston is fortunately a rather green city and most trees retain most of their green color through the Houston winter.  Take some time today and thank your local tree for:
  • providing a home for birds and small animals
  • providing shade when you feel the heat
  • providing us with beauty to look at
  • shielding us from extreme weather
  • improving our air quality
  • giving us something to talk about with our kids outside
  • providing us with oxygen - VERY important :-)
  • and more you can read about here and here 
Tu B'Shevat is also a wonderful opportunity to think of the Land of Israel and the ecology we find there.  The famous "seven species" that are directly associated with Israel are remembered today and featured in lots of yummy recipes.  Re-ignite your environmentalism and think about you can do to leave the Earth in a better position.  Go outside with the kids and talk about the textures you see and feel, the sounds you hear, the animals and bugs you see.  Read Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree and think about what we can learn from trees, the silent givers.

Enjoy the day!

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