Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meal planning check-in: week ending 1/29

I suppose since I started the conversation about meal planning, I should update you on my progress.

Remember, this was my first week, so be forgiving.

This week I planned on making:
super salmon veggie patties (really, they ARE super)
shepherd's pie with leftover Shabbat chicken (frugal, right??)

I think that's as far as I got.

So far I made:
hamburgers (husband had a craving)
chili (made by husband with leftover hamburgers while I was Zumba-ing)
mushroom barley soup (made with leftover cooked barley from Shabbat)

So....can't say that I stuck to the meal plan...but I can say that all of the meals were possible because we had the ingredients on hand...

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