Thursday, March 3, 2011

Before and After: Organizing shoes

Recently I got sick and tired of seeing this every single day in my closet:
That, ladies and gentlemen, are my shoes piled up inside my closet.  Ridiculous.  Ironically enough, they didn't start off that way.  You can see on the left hand side one of those shoe organizing racks where you just slip the shoes on...guess what - they don't work!
Those cheap-o shoe racks really don't work for shoes with heels because the shoes are hard to retrieve...they don't work for sandals because sandals don't always have something you can slip on...they don't work for you end up with this pile on the floor!!  It drove me crazy!!

I found the solution in Costco.  It's a 3-tier shelf made of bamboo (eco-friendly!) that has shelves with slats you place your shoes (or anything else) on.  It took me about 5 minutes to put it together, about 5 minutes to purge my shoe collection and identify the trash/donate piles, and I have a lifetime of enjoyment of being able to walk into my closet and practically dance with all the space I gained.

LOOK AT THAT!!!  The new shelf is on the left hand side.  The old shoe rack is on the right hand side, in my donation pile.

Amazingly, by organizing my shoes, I now realize that I need new shoes...

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