Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Post-Purim, pre-Pesach detox

With the weather turning beautiful, and our plans for our summer trip to Israel underway, and with my closet being restored to its walk-in self, I feel the urge to detox.  Not in the "colon cleanse" kind of way (that's hardcore), but definitely move towards a more healthy, clean living.  I want to be outdoors (maybe my lovely office view is to blame), I want to move and walk, and I want to eat clean.  I'm not sure what "eat clean" means, but I feel like my body needs something more simple than the current fare.

So - this is a general call-out for your favorite clean-living recipes.  Recipes that are more plant-based and grain-based, as opposed to meat-based (not that we eat a lot of meat during the week, fortunately!).  For example, I want more recipes that use quinoa, tofu, vegetables, etc - but also recipes that don't require a lot of cooking or baking or processing.

I get inspiration from the Gluten-Free Goddess, but I'd like you to share with me your favorite *simple* recipes.  I like crunchy salads, fish, light soups, sandwiches.  Anything dairy.  Simple desserts.

Thanks in advance!!

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