Friday, February 4, 2011

Calling all Supermoms - time to take a break

Tonight I met up with a dear friend of mine (more on that in another post) and we chatted about our relatively new roles as moms.  After discussing a few situations - that now seem so ordinary because we don't stop and think, we just do - she said to me, "Wow, so you really are Supermom."

(truly - I'm not - I have Shabbat dinner chicken in the oven right now and I still have to report to work tomorrow, as an example)

Which got me thinking about all of the things moms do just because, and all of the things that happen behind the scenes ("the laundry doesn't fold itself" is a common refrain in my household)...and then this post caught my eye.  There are so many things that demand our attention RIGHTNOW...but just as important is that we don't lose ourselves in this whole mothering role and that we pay attention to our own needs.

So how timely to find a post that speaks to easy ways to pamper ourselves!!  I'm happy to try any of these starting tomorrow!

How do you like to pamper yourself on the cheap?  Leave a note in the comments box!

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