Monday, February 21, 2011

Supermom's super-chic and super-cheap bedroom decor

A friend of mine recently added some decor to her bedroom and today we are featuring her guest post.

Thanks to this post over at Rose Knows Coupons, my bedroom recently received a makeover.  It only took a quick trip to Michael's to pick out 9 scrapbook frames measuring 12x12, 9 pieces of scrapbook paper in coordinating colors, and a very patient husband who spent part of Sunday afternoon carefully measuring and re-measuring to hang the frames exactly in order.  It also helped that the frames were only $3.74 each as they were marked down, and I had a coupon from the Sunday insert.  We have had an empty wall for 5 years now, so this was a very exciting project!  The scrapbook paper can be replaced when we no longer want a green, brown, and blue color scheme.

Check it out:

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