Sunday, February 13, 2011

Supermom came to my house yesterday

I wasn't planning on it, but Supermom came to my house yesterday.

Turns out we're very good friends and while I always suspected that's she's a Supermom, it wasn't confirmed until yesterday.

Yesterday we were in the middle of enjoying a very nice seudat shlisheet (Sabbath third meal) at our house, with good table conversation flowing punctuated by reminders to the kids to be careful.  My Supermom friend fished out a pickle (gherkin-size) from the glass pickle jar, in the process stabbing it with the (not sharp) knife.  A couple of minutes afterwards, we all simultaneously noticed that the pickle jar was leaking water onto the table.  Not a common occurrence at the table, there was a brief moment of interest followed by mayhem, trying to figure out how to stem the water leakage and also figure out HOW it was leaking if the jar was sitting on the table, seemingly whole-looking.  Needless to say, my husband and I basically did nothing (for some reason, I threw a tortilla under it thinking the tortilla would absorb the water - not a good idea) while my friend's husband (thank goodness he's an engineer) smartly grabbed a kitchen towel and cleaned up the whole mess.  We threw away the pickle jar and all the pickles.  For the next 15 minutes, we marveled at my friend's Supermom ability to break the glass jar with a butter knife without actually breaking the jar, and it continues to be a mystery.

It was funny.  So - be careful when fishing items out of glass jars...

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  1. I think I heard once that Supermoms have super heat vision. Kinda like Superman. You didn't see her use it because you were watching the kids, but she TOTALLY super heat visioned the jar.