Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu plan week ending 2/19

Another Monday, another menu plan.  Or not much of one.  I still can't do it, folks.  Tips???

Here's what I had planned:
Last night - homemade pizza (planned and done - it was tasty!)
Tonight - I planned on making chicken stir fry with leftover Shabbat chicken, so I went ahead and made brown rice this evening.  However, my husband came home late tonight and my kids finished up the chicken soup, so chicken is shredded and brown rice is made for another night, I guess.
Tomorrow night - I was thinking of making this crock-pot "Mexican Lasagna" (dairy) from Family Circle magazine, so maybe I'll make that.  But I have all this leftover chicken to use up...

Beyond that?  I don't know.  It'll have to depend on how tomorrow night goes!

Please share any tips you have to plan menus in advance!!

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