Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maccabeats in Houston this Sunday Feb. 20th

Moms - you may want to come out on Sunday to the Maccabeats concert and tell your daughters, "Yes, I'll be happy if you come home with a guy like that."

If you are still singing the "Candlelight" song (like me) - even when the real song comes on the radio! - then you do NOT want to miss out on the Maccabeats in concert, LIVE at Houston's Yom Limmud.

Oh yeah, you can also attend Yom Limmud and learn a thing or two.

Yom Limmud is Houston's all-day Jewish learning extravaganza with top-notch speakers and 2 concerts this year.  This year it'll be at Emanu El and you can also order a lunch there and I think there will be childcare.  Check out the flyer for the event here.


  1. That sounds great! Are you going? You're going, right?

  2. I'll be there in the front row, picking out my daughter's future husband...