Monday, February 7, 2011

Meal planning check-in: Week ending 2/12

Well, here we go again.  What shall I make for dinner this week?
I finished the chicken soup from shabbat, and I feel like there is so much leftover food in the fridge from this weekend that needs to be creatively re-invented, so I feel like it's only right to use up that food before making fresh food...
I also want to make the pasta-tofu dish that was suggested in the comments here.  I think homemade pizza is in the plans for this week.  Maybe something with fish wraps?  We used to eat a lot of those when we were in grad school...

Maybe what I need to do is to make a list of my family's favorite recipes, and work from there?  Then I don't have to start from scratch every single week?

What are your family's favorite weeknight recipes?  Share in the comments box!

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  1. Hi! Your friendly insane monthly menu planner here. Have you thought about fish patties (or, if you are feeling fancy, you can call them fish croquettes)? Serve over pasta with a sweet tomato puree, haricot vert a la fresca, and a light chardonay salad (ie pasta and ketchup, raw green beans, and green grapes) and you have a super kid friendly dinner that you can then make into a super kid friendly lunch... Plus, you have most of the ingredients on hand. :)